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The replace audio in multiple video files is GOLD!
Though after first try I’ve come across a bug related to naming when replacing the sound in multiple videos on the timeline on the same export. The issue is that they all end up with the same name as the first one, followed by sequential numbering. Although they export correctly, the names don’t match up.

Just wanted to bring this to your attention.
Great feature to have in post work. Thanks a lot.

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Am I crazy or does Nuendo only allow for replacing audio in MP4s? If so, that is abysmal. Maybe I’m simply overlooking a setting but every other major DAW allows this and it’s a major stumbling block.

return to start position on stop (Transport)

this feature is not present in nuendo 13 or it is placed elsewhere

Welcome to the forum @prosound_studio! :vulcan_salute:

Since Nuendo 13 can do more than N12 in this respect, I would be surprised. :wink:
In the main menu under Transport/Start Mode you will find the option " Return to Start Position on Stop".

You always get an MP4 file:

The original video files are copied to the specified location, and an audio mixdown of the selected stereo output bus is embedded into the files.
The resulting video files are MP4 files. The embedded audio is compressed using an AAC LC encoder with 192 kbps at a constant bit rate.

Thanks for your reply. That’s unfortunate and is yet another reason I can’t switch from PT to Nuendo full time, even though I keep attempting to. That and the fact that the renders are so slow in Nuendo by comparison. Oh well…I had higher hopes for this version.

Could someone who is already running Nuendo 13(!) please doublecheck if VST-2 plugins are still working regularry like they did in N12?

I think I read that they still run under Cubase13 - but how about Nuendo 13?

Thanks in advance!

I can’t speak for every plug-in, but yes, you can still use VST2 plug-ins.

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Of course, the same exception applies as Nuendo 12 - you can use VST2 unless you are running on Apple Silicon in native mode.

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Has phase coherent audio free-warp on group tracks been fixed in N13? (Totally unusable in N12. Pops and clicks like a mofo)

Thanks MAS!

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Thanks David. Luckily Windows user over here :slight_smile:

Phase coherent free warp always worked for me.

What system are you on?

Thanks for Nuendo 13. Quite some new improvements but the GUI is underwhelming. It’s put me off. Am left grappling around to find my way. The GUI is a big jump from where we are. Making such a leapfrog is counterintuitive. I have lost control of familiarity with the interface and my eyes are constantly trying to reassure itself this is familiar territory. My last resort, Ave just pulled off the shelf my PRO TOOLS which I had literally consigned to the dustbin for so many months now. I’ve even had to get current with my PT Licence just in case N13 proves somewhat not what I want. At least PT has continued to make incremental innovations (it’s criticized for being too slow to make a jump) maybe because it doesn’t want to shock its customer base with too much innovations. N12 for me was a very meaningful upgrade. I don’t know where I stand with N13.


I bought a Download Access Code for an update from Nuendo 10 to 11 in March 2022 but never redeemed it. What version will I get if I redeem now? The old version or the current one?

You should get the latest version.

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Win10 and Win11
i9 13900k 24core Z790 chipset
Lynx Aurora TB x2

Are you telling me you can take a multi-mic piano tracks in a group and use phase coherent warp on them and not have clicks and glitches on playback?

Absolutely! Used it extensively, never had an issue.

But Steinberg recommended against using the newer Intel CPUs, so maybe that was the problem?
N13 is optimized for them now, so it is possible it will be solved for you.
(please keep in mind that I’m speculating)

As @Scab_Pickens says, you’ll get a Nuendo 13 licence. Your eLicenser licence will upgrade to Nuendo 11 and be marked non-upgradeable - this licence is good for all versions of Nuendo up to and including version 11. You will get a Steinberg Licensing licence for Nuendo 13, which will allow you to use versions 12 and 13.

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