Dear forum-members,

Today it is my pleasure to announce the availability of NUENDO 13, the latest version of our premium media production system.

Nuendo 13 comes with dozens of new features and great innovations, among them
fully integrated MPEG-H support, Dolby Atmos 9.1.6, a Voice/Noise separator plug-in and Tonal Match, microphone ambience matching.
One of the most important innovations is called ASR, the “ADR Script Reader”, which revolutionizes the way Voice Talent, Directors and Sound Editors work with Dialogue text.

More information on all new Nuendo 13 features, including videos:

Updates, upgrades and full product versions are available in the shop under

Thank you all for your continuous support and for choosing Nuendo!



I’m now proud owner of N13. Thanks Timo and all Steinberg Team :blush:

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So can you mute the VCA fader now or not?


Does anybody know if you can do second-pass renders like Reaper for seamless loops? It’s a must for game audio.

Furthermore, is ReWire actually still in Cubendo? It’s still on, and I’ve mentioned this several times to various folks, but never get a response about it. A man can dream about continued ReWire support, but I’m positive it’s just a vague, lingering dream.

Wishing you all good health and a good launch.

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Some really amazing features in N13

but please see all of the feedback around C13 and now N13, the GUI update is really rough. I thought N12 was pretty much perfect with GUI simple and clean. Now everything is either dark or painfully bright white.

Any chance we can get more options to make the GUI like N12 for those of us who were happy?


Will there be any discount for Nuendo 13 for the coming holidays, like Black Friday, Thanks giving, Christmas?

Some great things here I’m really enjoying, but was really really hoping for some modern updates to clip gain envelope (instead of using pen tool), DOP audition level reflecting the clip level, option to make folder tracks = bus tracks, etc. Little things!

As a million others have said, too much white in gui. Otherwise I like it.


I don’t use ReWire, so I haven’t installed it. (Hasn’t ReWire been discontinued?!) But I read in another thread that it should still be available in Nuendo. However, I don’t see any menu item for it. (Not even one that is greyed out.) And there is no reference to ReWire in the manual. The last time ReWire was mentioned was in the Nuendo 11 manual.

I upgraded just now and in less than half an hour it was installed and running the project I was working on last night, flawlessly. Slightly lower DSP usage. Once again, a seamless update from Steinberg.

I have no major complaints about the new GUI and mixer, in fact I like it. The only complaint I have is the 'BOLD ’ white font on the arrangement page. Please give us the option to remove the bold font.

The channel inspector on the left is fantastic!!

Lots of amazing new features - I haven’t scratched the surface yet. My update price from N12 to N13 is less than some single plugins I’ve bought.

Keep up the good work guys!!

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Great to hear that, Robin. Many thanks. We’ll look into the bold white font issue.


Thanks Timo! Much appreciated.

Quick update: the team had a look into these issues and is making plans to improve the readability.


Great news! Thank you.

Thank you Timo and Steinberg. New mouse wheel functions worth the upgrade. Everything else working great. Simple install. All preferences and key commands exactly preserved from N12.


Timo and team, great update and as before, SB has never failed to surprise me with a mountain of new futures. I even got it running on my older Mac 5.1 12 core machine running 10.14.6 , all though doing the old Anymix hack no longer works, Does work on the newer machines though.

N13 for me works great and is great update. I’m sure I will be using new features, but besides those - N13 feels faster, snappier and more responsive then previous versions in my system.
Also - one little button - changing mono to stereo track with a click made the upgrade worth it.
greetings and thank you Steinberg team!

Many thanks guys, I truly appreciate your feedback and I’m happy to forward it to the dev team.


Great news!

This is GREAT news!

Thank you.