The new Rack Space - does not retain settings.

Ok so I love the new Rack space with Mediabay docked as Im constantly in here. But when I setup the media bay that is docked, IE custom attributes and filters, they all get reset on closing and opening cubase.

For example, I created my own custom attributes and made them visible, removing steinberg premade ones.

When I restart Cubase, it all reverts back to normal and I have to set it all up again.

Could someone check this out and see if its the same for them? This is my second or third time on this forum with seperate issues but 0 replies or help.

When I first started using Cubase 8 I believe that I was experiencing the same issue. I just went back and re-tested and everything seems to be working fine. I thought it might have something to do with the Workspace issue I posted below - but could not replicate. Sorry I could not be of more help…


Thanks John,

Saving as an empty “Template” will retain these settings, this is my workaround.