The new update 9.5.30 causes my cubase Artist to crash

I’ve finally got my 9.5.21 Artist version to work when the 9.5.30 version seem to cause the same trouble again. It crashes when I try to record drums with ol-school midi thru Groove Agent SE. I have tried everything I can think of… From unberable latencies with maximimum cahing and asio protection… But it still crashes…

It seems like Cubase is very heavy on northbridge use, so I had to fix some extensive cooling. I thought that would be the problem. But now my north bridge have steady temperatures. But It still crasches,
I7 processor
win 10 pro (with April update)
12gb ddr3 memory
nvidia gtx 1050ti graphics
Kingston 240 SSD
Akai EiE Midi and audio interface.
ASUS Sabretooth X58 motherboard(no overclocking)
ASIO for all 2.10 ASIO driver, (this could be a problem, Anyone know of a better asio driver?)

Found the problem! The max CPU in options in groove agent, had changed back to 90% from my prefered 75%. And now the problem seem to be fixed… early to tell… But so far so good.

No! It didn’t work… It crashes frequently… Many times in an hour… And only when I’m recording midi… My nerves starts to be on a stretch here…

Now it haven’t been crashing for a couple of days. I’m not sure what I did. I did a lot of things. (studio setup/vst audio) I changed processing precision to 64bit. Multi-processing check, Asio guard check. Medium asio protection. Boost audio priority. Steinberg audio power scheme check. 6 preload. (Groove Agent/options/global/diskstreaming) Full ram use (since I have 12gb) 1400mb preload. Others as preset. (performance) Voices 64. Max cpu70%. Load preferences 16bit. Ohers as preset. Some of this or a combination of those worked. And well, Asio buffer size 128. when just using groove agent.

I still can’t use Groove Agent as a rack unit. I have to use it on track, or otherwise I get the same symptom. Cubase freezes. Even with same settings.
(Not windows, i can use task manager to end cubase task) And start it again.