The new WaveLab 12 - now available!

Dear WaveLab friends,

It’s a pleasure to announce the availability of WaveLab 12, the long-awaited major update to our beloved Mastering DAW. With about 80 new features and improvements, this update is, to this date, the most elaborate version in the history of WaveLab.
You’ll find new functions and improvements in all areas of the application, ranging from Audio Montage, Audio Editor, Batch Processor, to Loudness, Spectral display and plug-ins - and much more. And many of those new features are also available (in a smaller edition) in WaveLab Elements 12.

All new features are listed here:

Here’s an overview video on the main new features in WaveLab 12:

And there’re even more tutorial videos on the Steinberg YouTube WaveLab channel:

On that channel, WaveLab Brand Ambassador Justin Perkins run a monthly WaveLab workflow seminar. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Have fun with WL12!