The nightmare that is now Steinberg licensing

All I’d like to do is install WaveLab Elements 10 on my MacBook. Can’t do this. My update to WaveLab 11 Pro wiped any license I had. Spent 30 minutes messing around, signing in to Son of Sam and De-Licenser and I have no Wavelab Elements, nor indeed Wavelab available anywhere except on the USB that everyone at Steinberg is so keen to get rid of. Can’t drag that license onto the MacBook SEL, can’t use the original activation code because “somebody else is already using it”. I use iLok, Arturia, - god knows how many of these systems and I’m sorry to report that this version from Steinaha is a joke. The support is like using a tin can on a string. So how am I supposed to work out three different pieces of software - the download, that SAM, the e-Licenser to get this stuff working on two computers? There’s a thesis in this, I’m sure. Of course I have NO time to write it, or mix - because it’s a full-time job these days, troubleshooting for Steinberg. If only it paid!

If you did an Update from older Wavelab, you can’t use Steinberg Licensing at the moment!
It will transform in the next weeks.

That was you… activation codes are one time codes…

I highly doubt that…
If you used an Elements license to update to 11 pro then this is now your actual license. You can download and install Wavelab 10 Pro on every system you like, since you still need the USB eLicenser to use it and you will ever need to use it.
The new license system is only useable with new software versions.

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I have 11 Pro.

If you did an Update from older Wavelab, you can’t use Steinberg Licensing at the moment!
It will transform in the next weeks.

I’m holding my breath for this. How often these days do Steinberg get this to work? My point is the entire system is hopeless. Why didn’t they just use iLok? At least it works.

The new system works for most people.

WaveLab 11 will be the first product to allow migration from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing without a paid update. Releasing WaveLab 11.1 was the first part of the puzzle - you can’t use Steinberg Licensing unless there is a release with Steinberg Licensing support.

Steinberg always said this would be a 12-18 month rollout. We are around month 5 at the moment, as Dorico 4 released on Steinberg Licensing back in January.

All you need to do these days to keep things up to date is to run Steinberg Download Assistant, SDA automatically updates itself, Steinberg Activation Manager, Steinberg Library Manager and eLicenser Control Center.

I appreciate your response. I wait to see. I think it needs way less software going forward.

I agree and believe we are getting there. Steinberg Download Assistant is becoming a portal for Steinberg software. Steinberg Licensing is a modern platform where all licences must be registered in a central account; with eLicenser registration was strongly recommended but not mandatory. This means that Steinberg should be able to offer tailored lists of updates, recommend the paid updates that are appropriate for your products and overall offer a more modern experience.

Getting rid of technical debt can be painful, especially when it comes to replacing a complex licensing system covering a wide product range. I am glad that Steinberg is finally getting on with the job and look forward to it being completed.

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Does the new licensing system allow to install Wavelab Pro on 2 computers?

Otherwise I don´t see a reason why to ditch my 2 USB licensers.

So far I only updated my iMac M1 and the USB Licenser´s still in charge…

Steinberg Licensing allows three activations per licence.

I updated my Elements 11 to 11.1. Now I get a message I have no valid License. Is this what we are taliking about? How long before this will work again?