The note played in Editor window will be nonstop sustaining

Hi, guys

I have a weird problem when I’m using Cubase Pro 10 editor window to edit the midi note.
When I’m using Steinberg’s plug-ins(no matter that is Halion Sonic or Halion 6, Prologue or any other software synth of Steinberg), the playback sound is no problem. However, when I open the editor window and then tap or drog any existing midi note to make it sound, the sound will be sustained and wouldn’t get a stop unless I press the corresponding note on the keyboard to make it stop(or press MIDI Reset to stop it). But if I use the pencil tool to draw a new note in the editor, the note sound will stop with no problem.
The weirdest thing is, this issue just happens with all the Steinberg’s plug-ins, other makers’ plug-ins don’t have this problem.
Actually I don’t use any Steinberg’s plug-ins in Cubase Pro 10 for a while because of this big problem. This problem occurred since I was using the first version of Cubase Pro 10. I’ve upgraded to the latest version(10.0.50) but not nothing gets better.
Does anyone have an idea about this problem?

Here’s my spec:
OS: MacOS 10.14.4
Cubase version: Cubase Pro 10(10.0.50)


Could you pease try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

Thanks for your reply,
I’ve tried, but the problem is still there.


Could you add a MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor to the track, and observe if there is Note On and mainly Note Off in the case you described, please?

Thanks, Martin,
In case:
1.When I play a note on a keyboard, MIDI Monitor shows a note on/note off serial information, the note sound stops properly.(pic1)

2.When I play the music by transport playback, MIDI Monitor shows the information as pic2, the note sound also stops properly.

3.When I click the midi event in the Editor window, MIDI Monitor shows nothing at all, the note will not stops unless I press the MIDI Reset.

  1. When I press the midi event and drag it to any position, MIDI Monitor shows the note information as pic3, the note will not stops unless I press the MIDI Reset.

I’m so confused…


As far as I can see, MIDI Monitor shows exactly the same when you play it back and when you click the note.

I’m wondering there is no Note Off message, there is just the length of the Note (this is probably a way, how does it MIDI Monitor show).

In any case I can’t reproduce it here and it doesn’t seem to me a generic issue.

It’s your HALion Sonic up to date, please?