the number of measurements per system

I would like to know how to define the number of measurements per system (ex 4 measurements)
For the whole score
thank you in advance

I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t yet have a feature to allow this, but I hope we will have it implemented in the update that follows the imminent 1.0.30 update. For now, you have to put the system breaks in at the required places manually in Engrave mode.

Thank you for your quick reply

This would be good to be able to apply to:

a selected range of measures
forward from a selected measure
backwards from a selected measure

Also it would be good if it could be applied whilst taking account of pre-existing hard system breaks or, better, to take into account a set of filters including things like end/double barlines, key changes, multi measure rests.
This would probably need options for how to deal with these.

A related bugbear with Finale is this situation:

Page 1-15 systems are perfect, page 17-25 systems are perfect
but page 16 has 2 crowded systems and has easy space for three.
There is no good way to split one of these systems so I can reflow the bars, without knackering later pages.
(inserting a system with blank bars is the best but it almost always kills later pages).