The old HalionOne in Cubase Artist

The Cubase LE I used to have was not compatible with my new machine’s Windows 7. Issues with my old computer are essentially why I got the new one, and it’s become clear that I’m going to have to essentially reconstruct one of my older, larger projects. Thing is, it heavily relied onthe HalionOne VST, I know the Halion Sonic SE has a lot of similar sounds, but I was very specific in how I manipulated the original sounds, so my hope was to just patch in the original HalionOne.

Used email to send all the vital files and I transferred them to the appropriate folders. The HalionOne plugin shows up with it’s correct interface, but when I try to select a Preset, I get the “HalionOne can not find or load the preset” error message, sometimes followed by an error about the VST bridge.

Thing is, if I select the “Save Preset” option, it shows me the “Essential Set” folder in the menu, and if I right-click that and choose “show in explorer,” it brings me to a folder that has all the presets in “**.vstpreset” form. How can I fix the error?
Is there possibly a way to get the presets as stanalones?

I imagine Halion Sonic SE has a few of the patches I need, but it’s missing others. I’m experimenting to find them…