The Old "I want ARA integration with Cubase" one...

Years ago I asked for ARA integration for Melodyne in Cubase. Anybody who doesn’t use it doesn’t need to use it, but for us Melodyne users it makes the editing and creative process much better and faster. I use it with ARA in Presonus Studio One if I’m working on a track that has a lot of vocals. Sonar has (had?) it. And now it’s been announced that Logic is getting ARA.
Of all the new stuff that’s been added to Cubase in the last few updates, I would gladly have swapped all of them (loopmash?) for ARA.
So I may as well ask again.
P.S. At this point someone will mention Vari-audio. I do use Vari-audio when clients are in a massive hurry, but Melodyne still sounds better and can do polyphonic edits.
I’m liking Cubase 9.5. But Cubase 10 with ARA I’d REALLY like!
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Cubase isn’t the only DAW to lack ARA. PreSonus was in on the development, so Studio 1 has it. Reaper is renowned for adaptability, and they say they will have it in the next update. Protools users are asking when they’ll have ARA integration. Only Sonar and Samplitude seem to have joined PreSonus, and Sonar just bought the farm. So Steinberg is hardly unusual in this respect.

That said, ARA integration is my most valued feature request as well. It seems a lot of companies are working on it. Perhaps Steinberg is too. It would be an important selling point, and good for customer retention. I’ve been looking into running Reaper on the side, primarily because of ARA integration and bus widths capable of exporting ambisonics above first order. However, I don’t see it as worth the investment at this time. I hope that by the time I’m truly ready for such features, Cubase will have them.

Just read that ARA2 is nearing release. Apparently easier for developers to integrate. Logic will have ARA2 based features…

I just read this about ARA 2:

The new ARA 2 specification allows, among other things, the simultaneous editing of multiple tracks, > the transfer of chord track information > > between the DAW and the plug-in, seamless clip borders that make the manual setting of crossfades superfluous, Undo interlocking with the DAW, and much else besides.

It’s very interesting that ARA 2 supports transfer of Chord track information, since currently no other DAW than Cubase/Nuendo (that I know) have a Chord track… Still, while the article mentions that ARA 2 has been announced for Studio One, Reaper and Logic, there’s no mentioning of Cubase. But it does not say that this is the full list, and Steinberg hardly ever reveals their plans beforehand.

Please also support the big feature request thread for ARA here:

Hi eddiemacathur,

I give you 100% credit for this wonderful idea. Can we combine these so we don’t have two threads for the same suggestion?

Steinberg won’t do it, they’re trying to push their outdated variaudio still

That sounds promising what Celemony says about ARA2 + easier integration! The latest Logic update has it - c’mon, Steinberg, implement it! In the 9.5 cycle, please! It’s long overdue!

Well - I have read in “software” section on the Cakewalk forum that someone involved with Steinberg said it was discussed. He strongly suggests that the coming of ARA to Cubase was fully possible. If I combine that with the mention of Chord Track information exchange between DAW and Melodyne in the ARA2 specs, I think it’s fully possible (and even very likely) that we will see ARA2 in Cubase.

When it will happen is everybody’s guess, but I think chances are high ARA2 support will indeed come to Cubase.

I do not think Melodyne is a huge “concurrent” for VariAudio. Do not forget VariAudio is already part of Cubase for “free”, and Melodyne is not exactly cheap to buy (at least if you want more than the mere bare bone basic version that’s not that much better than VariAudio).

+1 on this thread too, also a Melodyne and Vocalign user.

Yes it makes sense. But I beat you to it by a few weeks! :slight_smile: So that’s over 4 years we have been asking and been ignored… Ed

You’re not being “ignored”. ARA has been around for over 5 years, yet only 3 big name DAWs had implemented ARA support before December of last year. That should make it pretty obvious that it’s not easy to implement.

Hi Eddie,

I wasn’t trying to dispute your claim. Your original thread was in the lounge so I didn’t see it here in the feature request and suggestion area. I would have supported your thread if I had seen it. Just didn’t understand the idea of splitting the support between the two threads for the exact same request. It seems like it would gain more attention if we had a higher number of posts in one thread.

I like the name of your thread too. I guess we should call this one “The Original “I want ARA integration with Cubase” one…”:

We probably should also add disclaimers to both of our threads giving full credit for this idea to Audiocave before he takes legal action against us. Due to this shocking revelation, I have to retract my earlier post giving you 100% credit for this marvelous idea. I apologize for not doing the proper research before making that statement.

Regardless, I hope your request gets implemented. Now I’m headed back to my “The Newer But With Way More Support Because I Posted It In The Area Where It Probably Belongs “I want ARA integration with Cubase” one…” :wink:

If a customer of a company asks repeatedly for a feature to be added (over a period of 4 years) and NEVER gets any kind of response from the company (Not even “Sorry, it is hard to implement”) then technically they are being ignored!

I was only kidding. I fully support your thread. And Audiocave, please spare us the dungeon! :slight_smile:

As a recent Sonar refugee the lack of ARA is a giant pain in the ass. I own Melodyne Studio and the way Sonar incorporated Melodyne through ARA was/is awesome. Including tempo extraction and multitrack editing. For my workflow with lots of vocals I’m still torn between Cubase and StudioOne. I bought both over Christmas but have to really dig in and decide which one will take over as main DAW. Cubase seems really, really well feature in the midi department and as I run a small production studio that really speaks to me. But with all due respect to VariAudio, I didn’t buy Melodyne Studio (and VocAlign) for no reason.

So another strong vote for ARA, PLEASE make this available for Cubase. I really don’t think I can go back to the roundabout way of editing vocals that we all did before ARA sped things up so much.

Steinberg, please integrate ARA!

How about the possibility that Apple might just buy Celemony? …and bundle Melodyne with Logic? …and stop developing Melodyne for Windows?

Now would be a good time for Steinberg to make that a less likely possibility, by becoming another ARA-supported platform.

Or maybe Apple agreed to put ARA in Logic, but the deal says ‘in future, no more non-ARA DAWs or Windows platforms to be developed or supported by Celemony’? I wouldn’t put that sort of behaviour past Apple Corp.

+1,000,000 and then some. It’s got to happen with Cubase. Absolute must.

Cubase needs ARA2

Add ARA2 to Cubase please.