the old with the new.

Latest Cubase 10 update installs an old elicencer…why am I not surprised :unamused:

It installs 9256, which was most likely the current version when they put together the update installer. Two eLCC updates have been released since then, both within about a week of the Cubase update (one of them the day before). I think it is reasonable that they are not going to delay the Cubase update in order to include the latest eLCC update.

I’ve voiced my concern about this often…

The answer I received from Steinberg (almost 18 months ago) is that the eLCC installer included with the CB installer will be skipped if it “sees” an installed version of eLCC that is the same or newer than the eLCC version that was current at the time of closing / compiling the installer.

For example:
For me, I installed eLCC version just prior to running the CB 10.0.50 update installer. When I ran the CB update, the eLCC installer portion saw that I had a newer version already installed and it did not run. Thus keeping my newer eLCC version.

The answer I received from Steinberg was in May 2018. Prior to that date my CB update (and upgrade) installers would always run which, for me, typically installed a version of eLCC software that was older than what I usually already had installed.

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OK, my apologies :slight_smile: …just thought it was bit sloppy from a major player in the biz… :slight_smile: