"The Order 1886: Prelude"

Here is a track of orchestral music I recently made. It is inspired by the upcoming PlayStation 4 game my company is developing.

Over 90 VST instrument tracks (each with either Kontakt or Play, most with a VirtualSoundStage on them), 7 instances of convolution reverb (QL Spaces), etc. all on a single PC running Cubase 7.

Cubase is simply phenomenal for this kind of scoring! :mrgreen:




Very good. It sounds great and kept me interested for the duration.
Nice work!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I liked it too. Nice composition, seems to be well organized, well developed, not so common here! Orchestra is a little less convincing than some here, partly owing to the samples? Maybe Jonathan has some ideas.

Good music! Really interesting harmonies and orchestration. I also like the moods you create here. By the way, my daughter entered the room when the music got to the part at 3:42 and after some listening she spontaneously replied :" That is spooky!" :smiley:

A very comprehensive and interesting piece, powerful and gentle both…do I hear the influence of Stravinsky lurking in this piece?..great orchestration…well done, Kevin

Thank you all, very kind words! :slight_smile:

Maybe Jonathan has some ideas.

I don’t know who Jonathan is, but if he has any suggestions on how to make the orchestra sound better I would love to hear them! :smiley:

Very nice. Really told a story. I’m Early, there were some parts where it didn’t quite feel real which sort of distracted me from the music. Awesome job though :slight_smile:


You can score a movie ! I was captivated every second the music played, your harmonies and melodies and orchestration are outstanding. When I started listening and noted that it is 6:47 long I thought way too long. After listening to it I thought way too short, I just want to hear more. You are so talented!! Michael. Please post more.

beautiful inspiring work and it also kept me listening from begin to end. Well written I enjoyed the sounds you’ve used, and the fact that you didn’t over use verbs, limiters etc.

Also love the Piano sketch on your site wow!!!

I don’t have a short attention spam and never think a piece of music is to long if its great…great work!

Very well done. I don’t know much about this type of composition and arrangement but it sure sounds good to me.

Wow! Thank you so much everyone for the encouragement! :open_mouth:

I am going to continue to work towards improving the “realism” of my mockups - I’ve had a lot more experience with live players than scoring with samples, and I feel I could do so much better than this. Got to experiment some more! :mrgreen:

Thanks again!