The Panner freezes

Can somebody help me?
Panner freezes, as shown in attached file
How can i unlock it?

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in multiple sessions, the panner crashes, as in the attached file

Thanks for combining the threads… who ever it did…

Hi Nestor-Reyes,
my assumption is you are talking about your Stereo Track 8 (MissileLaunchD)
I think your Panner on this track has been set to “Stereo Combined Panner”.
To change it do the following.
• With your mouse right click on the Panner section of that mixer track. In your case Track 8
• After the Menu window opens you should see something like this.

• If the Checkmark is set to “Stereo Combined Panner” just change it to the option below that which is called “Stereo Balance Panner”.

• If this is the crash, you are talking about then it should be solved now, and you might want to check the Manual to get Info on what the difference between those to Panner Modes are.

Hope this helped you and as mentioned above I am only guessing what your problem/ Issue could be.

I guess he switch the panners off, by accident…

Thanks for responding and trying to help. The point is that the channel is disabled to pan (mark red). On the other hand, almost all the others are yes enabled. (green mark), both in the combined and in the stereo balance. I do not know why it occurs. I can’t pan.

Captura de pantalla 2021-05-19 083909.png

try to switch on the panner…
hover over the panner , and on the left side you should see an on/off switch
try to toggle it on

No. Unfortunately, only the option for the type of panner you want appears.

Thank you for your concern

Yes, you get that option if you overshoot even a little. You’re actually seeing the option from the track to the left of the intended track. Try again going slowly to the center of the left side and you should be able to click and turn on the panner.

Panner Bypass

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Thank you very much for the explanation. Very clear.

I was doing it with the keyboard without realizing that it was possible directly.

It must be old age that is already attacking me.