The pianoroll is not matching to the global time

Today I wanted to intrumentate/orchestrate a track I wrote the scetch of in another DAW. Now I have two problems with the midi. When I imported it everything looked fine. But when I wanted to go from 120 to 140 bpm the midi changed so it wasn’t on beat anymore. Because of that I stayed in 120 bpm. This is where my second problem was coming. When I opened the pianoroll(key editor) I saw that the times(bars) are not maching.
I don’t know why this happens. How do I fix it?

Welcome @Can_Yabanci!

It seems that the problem is that your main project ruler (where it says 15) is displaying time, in seconds. You probably want Bars and Beats like in the Key Editor.

Press the period key (.) and see if it changes back. If not, you will have to go to the transport bar, where the time is displayed, click and change it to bars and beats.

Edit: For the tempo issue, I think this occurs because your tracks are not in musical timebase. In the inspector panel on the left, look for an icon that looks like a clock. Click on it so that it changes into a quarter note. Do this for all of your tracks. Then you can change the tempo, and the tracks will stay on the beats.

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Thank you really much this worked :smile:

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