The pictures of my effects do not show the face of the effect

When I use an effect , the picture that pops up is just a box with sliders but it used to show the face of an actual effects unit before installed Cubase 12. I am going to try and attach a picture of what I see.

Make a right click in the upper area and select “Switch to Plugin Editor” from the context menu.

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Thanks for the fix… works great now.

Same problem right click on FX icon but I do not see “switch to plug in editor”.??

Kindly post a screenshot of the GUI and the menu.

I right click but switch to plugin editor does not appear/

But there is no context menu in your screenshot. Don’t you get one if you right-click in the a/m area?

I marked the area for you:

Yes when I do this “R click” I get everything but switch to plug in manager.
Instead, I see remote control editor.

That is unusual, maybe you have to disable remote control in studio setup or something to release it?

It would really help me in order to help you if you would show the screen shot that I requested. I can think better when looking at a picture.

I think he did a few posts back.

I really mean the context menu.