the placement of accents and slur


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In the case I have discovered,
Screenshot 2019-04-09 10.50.53.png
the notes are adjacent to each other, but the placement of accents are not coherent.
Do we have now a possibility to align the position of accents either to the inside/outside of the slur, not using Engrave mode?

No, the rules for which articulations go inside or outside slurs are fixed and cannot be altered via options.

To my eye, it seems not to be optimised. I currently work the score for a performance, thus I do not work for the layouts, but I think it would be better to align accents in the same positions in the example attached.

However, it is theoretically correct according to Gould on page 122:
Articulation marks in the middle of a slur go inside the slur. Accents at the beginning and end of a slur usually go outside the slur, so that the slur can remain closer to the noteheads:

Daniel has already addressed this in another of your threads, today:

Yes, of course! Thanks!