the plugin doesn't look right

I recently changed my computer and am now in the process of moving from Win7pro to Win10pro.
And there were not very pleasant moments.
Windows 10 pro (1903), Cubase pro 10.0.40, UAD 9.10.1 (Apollo Twin+Octo core PCI-e)
I also have a 4K display (49’)
In Windows, I use system scaling of 125%, because at 100%, all items look very small.
I doubted for which of the 3 vendors to write about my problem, but I realized that it is still Cubase that does something wrong with what plugin looks like, for example, UAD SSL G Bus Compressor, launched from the Cubase insert (in the picture - option “B”).
UAD SSL G Bus Compressor Legacy (option “A” in the picture) looks great. And running from the UAD console, UAD SSL G Bus Compressor (not Legacy) looks fine too (option “С” in the picture). Only those running from the UAD SSL G Bus Compressor launched from the Cubase insert look wrong.
How do I beat this flower?
So far, no other problems with displaying the plugins have been detected.
UPD: With Waves SSL G Bus Compressor the same!
UPD: With Wavesfactory Track spacer 2.5 - the same. But 2.0 is look good.
Everything is OK when system scaling is 100%, but all items look very very small.
This is the configuration of the computers:
was the i7 4770K, 32Ram (ddr3) sys SSD samsung 850 evo SATA and more SSD SATA and HDD (4) Video GF Quadro P400
now an i9 9960x, 64Ram, sys samsung 970 pro M.2 nvme and more M.2 nvme and HDD (2) Video GF 1660


Please get in touch with the plug-in vendor.

With different scaling in Windows - is different look.
Furthermore, plugin look depend of system Windows TEXT scaling.
But if plugin launched from console - it good, but from cubase - it look wrong.

I think, CUBASE can’t pass on correct windows system scale to plugin interface.
Couse if plugin launched not from Cubase - it look normal.

Martin is right, this is most probably a thing which needs to be fixed by the plugin vendor. Had the same issue with another plugin, contacted the vendor and they said they need to fix it, it was a known problem with their GUI (also back then it was only a problem in Cubase).

Okay, thanks, I’ll try.

Hey! With the release of the UAD 9.10.2 software update, SSL G-BUS Compressor, despite the 125% scaling, looks normal!
Wrote to Wavesfactory)