The plugin"HalionOne" could not be found for VST Synth 1!

Hi Steinbergers!

“HalionOne” could not be found for VST Synth 1!"

When I open older projects made using Halion 1 we get this error message.

How do we restore Halion 1? I imagine it is easy. :slight_smile:

A little more information would be helpful here but I assume you are opening a project that was created on an older version that used HALion One (like Cubase 5). In Cubase 6, it would automatically replace the instrument with HALion Sonic SE and load the patch. All of the HALion One patches were replicated in HALion Sonic SE. If you still wanted H1 and the presets to be available in Cubase 6, there is an article in the Knowledge Base about installing H1 and copying the presets from a C5 install so they are usable in C6. I honestly do not know if this still works in C7 but it seems logical that it might work the same way.
Since you are saying the plugin is not found, maybe you have to install the instrument AND the presets. Anyway, the Knowledge Base should have some helpful information.

Hi J.L!

Thank you man just… where is the Knowledge base? :slight_smile:



Got it. Actually that link is good if you have Cubase 5 installed.

so I reinstalled Cubase 5 and Cubase 7.5 now sees Halion One. Many thanks. Coolishness. :sunglasses: