The plugin loses its license, a message at the start of cubase. however, in the center of licenses i

Hello. when cubase 11 starts, a message is displayed: “Some content cannot be downloaded. Either there are no licenses, or the temporary license has expired.” This is relative to the
“Simon Phillips Jazz drums” product, however, in the license control center, this product license is listed as valid and everything is fine with it. The USB license is recognized by the system and is readable.
This problem appeared after reinstalling the operating system and reinstalling the Cubase

did you reinstalled the content after the rebuild? and did you really installed it or just downloaded it?
What does the Steinberg Library Manager say about it?
Wrong content location?

many possibilities

  • Hello. Through the download manager, I downloaded it and clicked “open”. Everything went well and it is in the Steinber library. True, I downloaded the plugin to another disk, not the one where the program is installed, maybe that’s the point?


The library can live in other folder/path than the plug-in. Just set the Steinberg Library Manager so it knows, where the library lives.