The preset could not be loaded

Using Cubase 9 Pro and Groove Agent 4, the former updated today and the latter just downloaded 2 days ago. A large number of kits such as the “chill” kit can’t be loaded. When I right-click on the name I only have the option to “load program into selected slot” (instead of the normal option of “load kit”, and when I try to load the program, I get the message
“The preset could not be loaded. This can happen if the preset was saved by a newer version of this plug-in or by an incompatible host.”

i have searched and others have had the problem, but I have never been able to find a solution.

Make sure that Groove Agent 4 is updated.

Thank you. That’s it.I had already updated Cubase and given I had just downloaded GA4 for the first time it hadn’t occured to me I might need to update it already.