The Project Could Not Be Replaced

Hi, so I’m running into an issue on two out of the three computers at our studio and I’m hoping someone can help.

Two of the computers started getting an error messages when saving occasionally. Not every time mind you, but often. I’ve attached a screenshot.

It also happens sometimes with autosave.

Both computers that are affected are running Cubase 10.0.50 and OSX 10.14. Both are 2013 Mac Pro’s with 64GB of ram and both are running their Cubase sessions off of a Synology server connected via 10G ethernet.

One of our three computer remains unaffected and I have no idea why as its specs are the same as the other two. It also runs sessions off of the Synology.

I’ve seen two other posts about this in the forum but they were both on Windows and neither post had concrete solutions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Cubase Save Issue.png


Just for sure, could you test your hardware by using macOS testing utility, please?

Are you sure you have the rights to write to the folder?

Do you use Direct Offline Processing in your projects?

Hi Martin,

I’ll try the apple hardware test later today when the computers become available. Yes I’ve checked the folder permissions and I have read and write access. However I’m wondering if repairing the permissions of the startup disk might help? I know it’s a serperate disk, but I’m running out of ideas.

I’ll report back after the hardware test.


On macOS 10.14, there is no Repair Disk Permission anymore. There is just the First Aid thing, what is something different. As far as I have read, the Repair Disk Permission is not needed anymore. But I trigger the First Aid time to time, same I did the Repair Disk Permission in the past. It cannot be wrong to do it.

Hi Martin, thanks for the additional reply. I ran into exactly what you described above. All this to say that running first aide on the startup disk did not help.

We have a big meeting this morning and so I’ve been hesitant to unplug everything in order to run a hardware test. But I will do that either later today or next week. I also spoke to Steinberg support on the phone and they were stumped as well.