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My Beatz aren’t Bangin’ enuf .
Doz this work cooool in CB ?

  • and the letters keep stickin on my fone is Garageband more wikkidddd ?

is it ok to test the transformer in my korg dsm by bridging it with my tongue ???

Magic 8 Ball says “future is cloudy”

This is hilarious! In essence - “C’mon! This is 2012! -Someone Else- can learn how to do rhythms and program them,
you simply accept the Grammy!” “Price was $329.-- - now only $29.–” :laughing:

Tom, if I let my computer write my songs for me, am I forfeiting my soul - or simply being smart by making
good use of the tools that I have?

roflmao :laughing:

Absolutely, just make sure you are grounded :laughing:

LOL Isn’t that cubase 7 thee days :wink: Nah, don’t change at all. I love your music. :slight_smile:

Oh great forum Oracle …

Did Adam Sandler do the vocal at 2:20 of Focus’s Round goes the gossip?

Q ;
Dear Uncle Tom & Minions ,

Why is it that if you tune a guitar with a tuner and then hand it to a guitarist he will invariably decide it is out of tune and re-tune it ?
And then if he passes it on to another he will re-tune it again because he thinks it is out of tune , but if you check it yourself against a tuner , neither are " correct " ?

And why do reed players try all their spare reeds in turn when one breaks but always choose the one they tried first ?

Well, Dave, you need to remember that these are, after all, guitarists. :unamused:
Also, the guitar is really nothing more than a Freudian manifestation of the players own sexual inadequacies.
They need to have their hands on every inch of it - especially the tuning area. (and the nut)
This may also explain why they pass it around to other players. :mrgreen:

Who cuts your hair man?

Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

Why do we have hot water heaters?
Why is there a permanent press setting on an iron?
Why are apartments lumped all together?

That’s easy … tuners don’t know shit about intonation! Neither do other guitar players.

but if you check it yourself against a tuner , neither are " correct " ?

I’m taking this to mean the other guitar player and the tuner are incorrect. That’s always been my experience anyways.

Actually, it’s because the guitar can’t be tuned exactly correctly. You have to be precisely incorrect to play in all keys. But the overriding rule is, every guitarist has a better ear than the one before. That’s why they always re-tune, especially if the previous guitarist is still in the room.

Interesting, after a lot of years, I swallowed my pride and put a tuner on my pedal board (because really, even if you could tune it, you couldn’t tune it when everybody is making a lot of noise), but some other members of my band, who shall remain nameless, are above that!

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How do you tuna fish???