The Real Thing: Revisit!

Hi everyone! Been busy with work and dropped this for a while. Some of you said my vocals were pitchy and the “achilles heel” of the song. So, i worked on the pitchy parts (i think) and wanted to see if it’s better. Also, any feedback on the overall mix and song is great too!

Thanks everyone!!

I think the vocals sound good. Very contemporary sound. The mix is really good for me.

It’s still really good. I don’t remember issues with the vocals, they sound good to me. Nice tight mix.

Good sound…good song…good vocal…reminiscent of Echo and the bunnymen IMHO…Kevin

well i didn’t hear your first post but i dont hear anything wrong with your vocals here and your a good enough singer to make me wonder how bad it could have been.

i liked it, both of them, butterfly kisses seemed a bit short though, i was just getting into it then it was done


Thanks everyone! I realized after posting this, that the comment about my vox were made on another forum. I think he was messing with me, which is funny because it worked! I’ve been tripping since he said it because I just couldn’t hear the
“pitchy” parts that “ruined” the song. Whatever. :unamused:

Hornyscotsman: I did butterfly kisses for someone who made a video to raise awareness for their sick daughter. It had to be a short song.

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for always helping me out! Perhaps someday I’ll know enough to be of some use to some of you!


This is a great sounding track.


This wouldn’t sound misplaced on contemporary radio! :sunglasses:

Nice one. I like your vocals.

Thanks everyone! :mrgreen:

Really good track better than cake lol great playing and mix all the way around.

Nice, sounds good to me!
I remember hearing it before, probably an older version because it wasn’t as good in my memory :wink:
Nice work!

Hey Brett,

Good to see you back!
Mix sounds pretty darn good.
But, I’m gonna be a bit of a party pooper and say theres stll some bass resonance on that ‘B’ note, sorry :frowning:
In my old cheap cans, it’s not so much of a problem, but my new ones, it does stand out a fair bit.
No one else has mentioned it, so it might not be much of a real problem.
However, I’m in an :smiling_imp: mood and thought I would say something, you know, just to spoil your day :laughing:
Just kidding, hope all is good your way!


I like the mix too. All in all it sounds very good to me.

I like how the vocals were doubled at around 0:48 just before the chorus. However, I think there really are some slight issues with pitch in the part starting at 0:55 (e.g. “throw it all away” does not sound quite right to me). To me it seems that you are struggling a bit with this part and it sounds a bit forced at places. When the same part is repeated later in the song, I would guess that you have copy-pasted the same earlier take here too.

I like how the end builds up.

It’s a nice recording, and well played, but that guitar pattern/voicing has been done to death the last few years