The rhythmic grid in the system track doesn't change. Bug?

Changing the rhythmic grid value in the status bar does not affect the rhythmic grid in the system track. Isn’t it a bug?
rhythmic grid in the system track

rhythmic grid in the system track issue.dorico (365.7 KB)

If the input caret is activated (shift-N or double-click) the rhythmic grid in the system track does change its appearance when you alter its value by one of: the status bar (as in your movie), the menu (Write > Rhythmic Grid) or the keyboard shortcuts. My guess is that the Dorico development team decided to program the rhythmic grid so that it will only reflect the change when you have actually started the procedure for entering notation, as opposed to just looking at the page or even selecting a note without activating input.

This is indeed not intended - the grid shown in the system track should update to the current rhythmic grid resolution. My understanding this will be fixed in a future version. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Ah! - looks like it wasn’t decided to be that way.
However, once you activate the caret it is fine.

Thanks for replies, @stevenjones01 and @Lillie_Harris .

In the Dorico 3.5, it seems that in order to change the grid in the system track, we have to display the caret (as @stevenjones01 said) and also enter in any notes. I felt this a bit cumbersome process.

Anyway, I’m relieved to hear that this problem will be fixed in a future version of Dorico.
Also, I heard from a friend (who has the iPad version Dorico) that this problem has already been fixed in the current iPad version. So I guess it will be fixed in the next desktop version too.