The same licence for a mac and a PC?

Today I have Dorico 3.5 on my MacBook Pro.
I am planning to buy a PC (the new Macs are to expensiv for me, can I use
my licens on a new PC?

You should be allowed two activated copies of Dorico Pro 3.5; so the answer would seem to be “yes.”

If/when you upgrade to Pro 4, you will be able to activate three copies.

Thanks Derrek for your help!

@Derrek, are you sure about that? My recollection is that prior to Dorico 4, only one simultaneous activation was allowed (unless one used the dongle). I wouldn’t jump in, but this would seem to be urgent info for @AlfAnders, and if I’m wrong I’ll happily admit it.

Good question, and you may be right. I was using the dongle and hardly ever switched to my Mac with Pro 3.5.

You are indeed only allowed to have Dorico 3.5 and earlier activated on a single machine when using the Soft-eLicenser, but you can use the following workflow to move from one machine to another:

It’s much simpler with Dorico 4 and the new Steinberg Licensing system, which allows you to run Dorico on up to three computers for your own use.