The same old question about external way of punch out.

Hi guys. Sorry for the 101st question about punching out by external controller. Never was able to found the way in earlier versions of Cubando neither now in Nuendo 8.3. Maybe someone of you knows it? I’m making Lemur interface of VST Multipanner, actually it turned out a very exciting work) I noticed that during automation recording after I release the fader or any other automated thing it records flat line about 1-2 sec. I know that this happen on every general remote controller with just midi in out with nonsensitive devices. I found the workaround with script that executes on releasing touchscreen and turns off “write automation” switch on selected channel . The transport continues playing, then I can turn W on again and do further automation recording BUT ONLY after the same 1-2 sec. It works as expected on Artist Control. It records data even if I touch fader with frequency of 10 times in second) Anyone knows the magic setting in remote controller setup that make my automation recording sensitive? I’ll dig into mackie control, fortunately Lemur supports it, maybe I could find the way thru it.
Good luck to all of you!

I can’t believe there’s not a person who knows a way around this issue. Now I’ve learned how to perform it in mackie protocol, but there’s hassle with 8 channel and I want to find a way to make sensitive ANY parameter on selected track only. Not only volume.

I’ve encountered the issue on Mackie protocol devices but never found a solution, so… can’t help…