The Sample Editor and Direct Offline Processing

Since 10 and the introduction of Direct Offline Processing, what I consider an important, even crucial, parameter has been removed - crossfading the process in ms at the start/end/both on the boundaries of a selection. Why, why, why? With every maintenance update I’ve hoped it would return but, it’s yet to happen.

While I’m at Direct Offline Processing, another super annoying change - in Making Direct Offline Processing Permanent, there used to be the option of overwriting the original or creating a new file. Now a new file and a tiresome additional housekeeping chore, is always created.

Rather than a new feature request, this is an appeal that in moving forward, please keep the things that already worked great (R.I.P. Interactive Phrase Synthesizer).

Cubase is an excellent program, I’ve used it almost daily since 1992, and the evolution of design and features are 99% welcome, useful, impressive, inspiring. But this, this is bumming me out.