The Save function on Dorico

I have an issue with saving on Dorico. For some reason, when I click Save As, the prompt doesn’t show up. I fear that I may lose my work should I decide to close the program. Any ideas?

Thanks, Tige

You don’t need to use Save As to save your score under a new name each time, unless you really want to (though Dorico preserves the last handful of revisions to the project in the Backup Projects folder inside the Dorico Projects folder in your user documents folder, in case you need to go back to them), but if you want to quickly save the current project as a new numbered version, you could assign a key command to the Save New Version command (in the File category on the Key Commands page of Preferences), and invoke that command by a shortcut (or via the jump bar) whenever you want to save a new numbered version.

This is what is happening: I want to save a new project. I can do that in a number of ways, but say I choose to use the “save as” function. Nothing prompts me to name the project. I only get the option to save, cancel the action, or delete the file by closing the window. I click save and I close the window. It again prompts me to save the file. This cycle continues. As an experiment, I clicked save on a project, closed it, then since the only way I am able to close the project is to click the close button in the upper left corner then hit don’t save, that is what I do. Nothing is saved. I looked in the backup file, but nothing since March is available. I also tried to assign a key command to Save New Version, but it will not let me enter anything in the field. Now I don’t want to close anything, because if I do, it will be deleted. I hope that helps to clarify that either I am an ignorant cuss (a likely possibility), or there is something wrong. Thanks, Tige

It sounds like perhaps you have been opening projects from a strange location, and this is tripping Dorico up somehow. Would you mind doing Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attaching the resulting zip file to a reply here so I can take a look?

Thanks for your time.

Dorico (2.23 MB)

The only thing that looks a bit unusual to me is that it appears your Desktop folder, from where you’re loading your projects, is located inside your Dropbox folder – I guess you are syncing your Desktop and Documents folders between multiple computers?

I’m curious to know whether if you save the project somewhere that is definitely local to your own computer that Save As then works as it should? Try creating a new project and saving it, say, directly in your home directory, rather than any subfolder inside your home directory. Then do Save As and see if you are prompted to choose a new save location.

I managed to work it out, but only by accident. Dorico crashed then it suddenly started working again…Can’t complain!