The Scale Assistant

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
I come to you before opening a ticket with steinberg because I tell myself i do something wrong and what is happening is really ridiculous :grin:
So can someone tell me why the scale assistant in the midi editor (piano roll) does not consider any note as included in the selected scale?!

  • display range markers is on
  • Snap pitch edits to Scale Assistant settings while editing is on too
  • the music scale G is selected ( or an other one )
    and nothing happen…

Ideas ? An opinion ? A button to click next to which I pass? …

Are notes already there? are you trying to quantize those notes to G scale? (hit quantize pitch button) or are you doing live transform, playing notes and would like them to auto quantized to G scale?

if you are not familiar with scale assistant you can watch this video…