The Score - documentary on YouTube

Very interesting documentary showing the experts in action


Interesting, I see these nice computer desks with built in keyboard/Midi controller (over the whole width of the table) and wonder where one can get those.

Just yahoogle “music desk” and they will pop up. They are very common, though rather expensive.

Thanks Romanos, I have spotted the first one here: FlexiSpot Höhenverstellbarer Studiotisch, Studio Schreibtisch ESD1

Better yet, build your own, or pay someone to build one for you! I think Todd is about to chime in here…


I researched this a bunch a couple of summers ago, and ended up building my own. The Output Platform desk is pretty affordable. The Zaor Combo or Miza 88 desks are a bit more. The AZ Studio Workstations are a bit more than that, etc.

Monkwood’s desks are amazing, and I ended up basing my design on his work. He was actually really helpful and encourages people to try to make their own. I used to do a bit of woodworking myself so I made mine out of Cherry and Zebrawood, but he posted instructions on how to make one out of plywood. Here’s a link to his construction plans.

I was limited to 70" on one wall so my own setup is definitely not acoustically ideal, but is pretty functional.


LOL, yep I was typing a reply as you posted. You should share a pic of your desk! Yours was one that inspired me to try to make my own.

Here’s mine. About six months ago, I cut off the legs and put a standing-desk frame on the bottom. Hands-down the best decision I’ve ever made for my body. Back pain is totally gone.

The top slides forward and backward over the piano keyboard as needed. No moving parts, just a ledge.

And I still haven’t done any cable management…


Is that a rack computer configuration in the lower left?

Yes, computer is in a rack, as well as the audio interface and some other stuff.

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I can’t quite make out the interface. Is that a Focusrite 18i20?

very inspiring photos and work, thank you!

It is, yes. Love it.

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Under my desktop, the shelf pulls out, but it’s too shallow for my old Yamaha keyboard. What are the keywords to search for a low MIDI keyboard like yours?

I have a Roland RD2000. But you can do much better in regards to price and height!