The screen does not move to the location of the Cubase bar

The screen does not move to the location of the Cubase bar. For example, if you move the bar from 50 bars to the first bar, the screen is still at 50 bars. Even though I set the Auto scroll(F) function, the screen does not move and is stuffy, so there is still no change even if I upgrade to Cubase 12. I don’t know if I set it up correctly when I used Cubase 11 before… I’d like to know how.

I would like to help you, but I must confess that I do not understand your question.

What is meant by “Cubase bar”?

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What are your auto-scroll settings?

Does the auto-scroll work when you’re playing back your project?

Project Cursor?

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Well if you are able to move the Cursor from bar 50 to bar 1 manually, it means the Ruler is already showing bar 1 at the very left. The timeline obviously doesn’t move when doing that.
The Auto Scroll is only for playback, not for manual placement of the Cursor.

@Louis_R There are more ways to move the project cursor than grabbing it with your mouse. You can move it with keyboard commands or by using buttons on the transport panel e.g.

It was already late for me. :wink:
Also, the question was edited afterwards, now it is more precise.