The "Segno" symbol within text frames

Hi people. As the subject says, how can I include the Segno symbol within ordinary text?
Maybe it’s an ASCII code? Or do I have to change to a different font just for one symbol?


You can use any Bravura SMuFL symbol with text:
Go to the SMuFL “browse the glyphs” web page, copy the symbol (not its code) and, in Dorico, staff text or system text, make sure you select music text in the top left list (it should change the font to Bravura text) and paste.
Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the response, Marc. But it’s not working for me.

I’ve found the SMuFL symbol site, and found the Segno symbol. I copy it. Now back to Dorico, and start staff text. In the top LH corner of the box, I change “none” to “music text”, as you suggest. It does not make any change to the font underneath, which still says Petaluma Script. Pasting doesn’t work, even if I manually change the font to Bravura Text.

I’ve checked that I’m copying properly, by pasting the symbol into a word processor. But in the Dorico text box, there appears to be nothing to paste.

I’ve also tried using a Text Frame in Engrave mode, and the same thing - nothing to paste.

What am I missing?


Once you’ve pasted, try typing Shift-Left arrow once before you select Music Text from the character style dropdown. I suspect you’re pasting but the (invisible) character isn’t remaining selected.

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Thanks @pianoleo. You’re suggesting a different order of doing things compared to @MarcLarcher.
Paste first, then type Shift-Left arrow, then select Music Text? Mmm, sorry, it doesn’t work for me either. I think I’ve tried every order possible.

If I was actually pasting, as you suggest, but the character is invisible, wouldn’t the cursor move forward one space? That doesn’t happen. Nothing appears to be pasting.

Underneath the Music Text dropdown, the font shown is Petaluma Text. Marc suggested that changing to Music Text would select Bravura automatically. This doesn’t happen. But even if I manually select Bravura Text here, I still can’t seem to be able to paste anything.


I would certainly expect the cursor to move forward a space when you paste.

For clarity:

  1. Select the glyph on the website.
  2. Copy.
  3. Switch to Dorico.
  4. Type Shift-X.
  5. Paste.
  6. Shift-Left.
  7. Select Music Text from the dropdown.

Ok, finally got it. My problem was at the Browse the Glyphs site. I found the Repeats page with Segno, and then I clicked on it further, which opens a page with a large symbol on it, and little else. I used the Copy Image function on that page. And that doesn’t work.

If you stay on the page containing lots of symbols, and just use the mouse to copy the symbol like you would any piece of text, it works!

Thanks so much, people, much appreciated!

Well, I’m sorry jgg, but I just tried

  1. copy the glyph
  2. Shift-X in Dorico
  3. Change from (none) to MusicText
  4. Paste
    and here, it does work. Maybe that’s a Mac/PC thing…

Yes Marc, I’m sure you’re right. And in your first response, you pointed me in the right direction. And you said: “Copy the symbol, not its code”. That was a clue, but I didn’t know what I was doing. Instead of copying from the page containing lots of repeat symbols, I clicked further and tried to copy the image. My problem was with - what exactly to copy. Nothing to do with Dorico itself, really.

I’ve learnt yet another thing! Thanks again for helping. :slight_smile: