"...the serial number of your Soft-eLicenser is not unique"

Hi folks,

Just purchased Educational Crossgrade. Received an order confirmation email from Steinberg Online Shop, with an accompanying activation code.

In the Dorico startup screen, which displays “No valid license found”, I entered the activation code, by clicking the blue “Enter Activation Code” button.

Pasted in the provided code. Got “The license activation code was recognized correctly. Please click ‘Activate’ to proceed”.

Did that. Got the please be patient screen, then, “Unfortunately, …the serial number of your Soft-eLicenser is not unique. Please contact your software vendor to solve this problem”.

Please help. Thanks.

I’m sorry to say that I can’t help with eLicenser issues. I’d advise you to fill out the support request form in MySteinberg for help with this.

Hi Ben, I don’t seem to have a combination of username and password that will actually allow me log in to MySteinberg. I thought I would try you, since I can’t get to the support links.

What, exactly is the URL I should be trying? In their emails they have supplied me with my “customer number, and email”. These don’t seem to function to log me in. I tried my Steinberg Online Shop login as well. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting caught in an endless loop, just trying to even launch Dorico.


Ah… sorry about that. If you don’t have a working MySteinberg account, then the best option is probably to email info@steinberg.de. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until business hours resume tomorrow for help with this.

I wish I could help further - sorry!

Ok, I’ll try that, thanks.

Hopefully you can fix this following the steps here.

Thanks for educating me Daniel. :slight_smile:

Got it sorted by running the elisencer control center app without trying to start Dorico, and performing the “maintenance” routine. All worked after that.


Excellent - good to hear you’re up and running without having to wait any further!