"The Shirt"

The Shirt is old. I think it’s 1972 vintage. That’s old. Is it a record here?

Part of the reason for re-recording it was to see if I could still remember it. Another part is that I owe it something: it was a bit of a “signature song” during the days when I was playing and touring regularly. Not that it was so popular - it got more of an “oh-no-here-comes-that-bloody-song-again!” kind of response. Still it stuck.

It was on an old vinyl album and I’m thinking of dusting it down for the next CD (stop laughing - I really am).

Here’s a thing. In an attempt to engage all my… er…fans, friends and even accidental visitors to my website, I’ve
hit upon the game-changing ploy of posting polls on my blog. See, you can vote each song on or off the CD. Fun, eh? I’m conscious that depending on how the voting develops it could be a short CD - but wanna play? Even if you wander over and arbitrarily click a button it’ll show the world my site is at least getting some traffic…

Here’s the link:

The Shirt (with poll)

Will The Shirt get a second life?? Can you tell me what to fix in the recording??

Downloadable The Shirt (downloadable) (with extra! extra! 'bout the song incl. what passes for lyrics. Also downloadable mp3, guitar notation and tab.)

Have at it me hearties!!

Thanks! :sunglasses:

Love it :sunglasses:

I love it. Nice picking

She’s a keeper, fer sure. I voted yes, though considered another vote simply for the way you worded it. :sunglasses:

:laughing: One eckerfay of a job, being your shirt is. :mrgreen:

It’s perfect as is, Dave. Don’t dare change a thing, you don’t owe that shirt any more. :sunglasses:

Thanks fellahs! :smiley:

It’s got 5 votes so far. Somebody thinks it needs work. Wish he / she had left a comment. I’m off to bed. I cooked some pasta with bacon in a tomato and red wine sauce earlier and I think I overdid the wine. I thought the alcohol content evaporated in the cooking coz it boils less that 100 degrees C. Or maybe it’s the bottle was sitting on the side which looks suspiciously vacant - as in empty. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, it’s Saturday night and I’m off the streets. Got to be good.

'night :wink:

Enjoyed the poll and the song. :wink:

Great playing Dave!

You equal my own record for posting a song long-of-tooth:
Place In The Sun (1972).


Definitely one for the CD. :smiley: Liked your playing and I liked the story.


Thanks Jet - at least yours has got a nice title! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the voting! :sunglasses: 21 votes so far. Fantastic - first time I’ve done a poll and hoped it wouldn’t fall flat. Nobody has voted for it to be ditched - yet. 4 think it needs more work. Any you guys vote that way and want to let on what I should fix?


That was …what word can I use?..erm…Brilliant!! :smiley:

Amazing guitar playing, Dave!
Kinda like Mashedmitten says, dont change a damn thing! :wink:

I voted yes some days ago now, but forgot to comment on your song at the time :blush:

Those 4 that voted ‘it still needs work’… I think they are just pulling ya shirt! :wink:


Thanks Sav!

Sorry to be late coming back but my “permissions” during the week only allow me uncertain and sporadic interventions on the internet.

As for changing things: I will redo this when my UAD laptop solo express card is purchased and plugins licensed. All this was done with native EQ and a tiddly bit of compression on the vox. With my own auditioning on mp3 players and boomboxes and car stereos it sounds nearly there - but I think the stereo width could do with a little bit of w-i-d-e-n-i-n-g.

The Shirt is an important song for me - if not for its currency, then for its history.

Thanks again guys! The voting was a gas and your participation deserving of beers. :smiley:

Hi Dave

I voted yes. It’s great. However I was tempted to vote ‘nearly there’ because if I was going to be extremely fussy, as I often am, :wink: :astonished: :laughing: I was wondering if you could get a tad more clarity in the vocals. :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave!

Thanks particularly for the suggestion. I haven’t listened to every syllable and nuance yet but I’ve no doubt you’re right. Does it need sung again, d’ya think, or is this an dynamics or eq thing?


Hi Dave

I was thinking it’s more of a mix issue (eq?).


Phew! Thanks Dave. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to sing the damn’ thing again! :smiley:

Edit: by the way - I see our avatars are - viz a viz the booze - soulmates. :wink:

Can you sing with a different accent? That might help. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I love the Scotts accent. Gotta be one of the best story-telling accents around. :slight_smile:

Very Nice, sure would like to see it live at the pub

I recently quite by accident discovered that the most famous Scottish accent in the world - that of Sean Connery - is simply achieved by clenching one’s teeth tightly together when speaking. Every “s” becomes a “sshh”. Quite remarkable. I found this out at the dentist. Try it.

Thank you ocarus. Indeed, in its pomp, the pub and other watering holes is where it cut its teeth!

I see that was your first post - welcome! Got a song to share? :sunglasses:

As a matter of interest folks - as far as the voting went 29 voted for it to be on the CD. 5 thought it needed work. I’ll presume that’d be a change of accent or EQ. Or both. :smiley:

Thanks for taking part. Another soon (yeh, I know: :unamused: self-regarding b’tard)

Mister Keir I love your music :smiley:

Thanks again ocarus. How are you finding your Godin? Never played one and I’m interested - being a Martin sort of guy myself.