The shortcut keys set for the Sound Browser and Loop Browser will be reset after the software restarts

I use Cubase 10.5.2 for windows 10.


Is it reproducible with these 2 Key Commands only? Didn’t your Cubase crash while quit by any chance? The settings is stored while quit.

Hello, thanks for replying!
I quit the software normally, and the only problem is the shortcut key settings of these two items, and the shortcut keys of other items will not have problems.
However, let me explain what I just encountered.
First of all, I don’t know why. After starting the software most recently, I found that they can store shortcut keys normally.
I suspect that the problem lies in some of my previous operations on the configuration file, so I switched from configuration file A to configuration file B for testing.
After switching the configuration file, the shortcut keys of these two items are cleared (the configuration file B has also saved their shortcut keys before). Then, I switched back to file A, and the shortcut keys were still cleared.
At this time, the problem came again, even if I set shortcut keys for these two items again, I found that they would always be cleared after restarting the software normally, but the shortcut keys of other items in the same period would not be cleared.
So… I wasted my time… I don’t know when they will become normal again.
Only the sound browser and the loop browser have problems.

This problem does exist. I have to re-set the shortcut keys for these two items every time I open CUBASE, which is very troublesome, please solve it as soon as possible. To repeat, my CUBASE is normally closed and started, and only these two items (sound browser and loop browser) have the problem.


I’m sorry, I still can’t reproduce it here.

  1. Are you on Mac or Windows?
  2. Once you assign the Key Command, can you use it before Cubase Quit? Does it work now?
  3. Once you quit Cubase, can you see the Key Commands.xml file changes? Is there a new Change Date/Time written?
  4. Can you open the Key Command.xml file in any XML editor? Can you see the command is assigned here in the editor?
  5. Could you attach/share your Key Commands.xml file, please?

Hello there,

  1. I use Windows 10 (64), and this problem occurs on my two computers.
  2. Before exiting Cubase, Key Commands are available, but once exiting, only the Key Commands of “Sound Browser” and “Loop Browser” will be reset.
  3. Yes. When I exit Cubase, many XML files including Key Commands will be automatically modified, and the modification date will be updated.
  4. I opened it and checked it, and I found the problem (see picture). The Name value of “Sound Browser” and “Cycle Browser” were displayed as garbled characters… However, the Key Commands I assigned actually existed.

    So I tried to manually modify the Name value to “Open Loop Browser”, but the problem cannot be fixed.
    When I changed the software language to English (previously used Chinese), the problem was solved.
  5. Sure, but I cannot add an XML file as an attachment…(Error Invalid file extension: Key Commands.xml)

    You let me discover the problem, thanks for the help!

See above for reply.