The Sixties- jazz waltz; Halion voices and vibes

Here’s another one that’s pretty different from the others that I’ve recently put up here. It’s a jazz waltz that begin with a lift from one of the chord changes in Steve Swallow’s Falling Grace. I was playing that on guitar one day and the rest of this followed. I’ve always loved McCoy Tyner’s Inner Voices album, and I think that’s where the inspiration for the voices on this come from. Somehow, I got the courage to do a “vibes” solo. I don’t play vibes, and I’m not much of a keyboard player, but thanks to Halion and chutzpah, we’ve got a vibes solo here. As for the guitar processing, I’m not sure exactly what I used, but I think it was a combination of Boss and Line 6 pedals (the guitars and fretless bass are analog).
This was done in June, 2016 on Cubase Artist 8.5. All of the synth (piano, vibes, voices) and percussion is from Halion.