The Tenor Sax sample on Microsonic Cubasis3 have a modulation

The sample of the Tenor Sax on the Microsonic have a modulation on it and cant be used so far! Not even an amateur can use it! Or I’m wrong. LOL
Seriously. Check the video for a sample

All the saxophone have modulation… i cant understand way? Che the clips

Because whatever was a good sample they grave it and drop it!mmmmm I’m worry about quality

Listen to the sample of the Oboe and the modulation it has on it. Do you any body understands beating? How im supposed to crate a swing out of an instrument that is beating to a different tempo subdivision? This is useless. Any body explain of run out.

Hi @Dr_Heavy_Poison,

Thank you for your various reports and sorry for my late reply due to seasonal holidays.

MicroSonic is a simple and lightweight workstation instrument, which provides a wide selection of sounds which does not consume much CPU at the cost of heavyweight instrument app features.

Cubasis includes full Audio Unit support. If the provided instruments do not match your expectation, we recommend to use a 3rd party AU instrument instead.

Hope that helps!

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Hello. 3rd party AU instrumens are available for Android? You can actually not tell me that a sample that is modulated and have being looped on is tremolo is cheaper for the CPU.
Do you wanna state that looping a sample on its tremolo is cheaper for the CPU that a sample loopend on is steady momentum? The is no CPU issue here. There is bad production fast achieving delivering not willing to fix it and leaving it there for the eternity. Go buy something else.