The trial period of Dorico 2

Получил серийный номер для активации триального периода Dorico, но активируется этим ключом только Dorico 1.2. А как активировать триальный период для Dorico 2?
Received the serial number to activate the trial period of Dorico, not activated by this key only Dorico 1.2. And how to activate the trial period for Dorico 2?

Dorico 2 trial is not available yet. Wait a few weeks.

where do you guys get the Dorico 2 Trail?

He doesn’t. It was a trial for Dorico 1

Что слышно об активации триального периода Dorico 2?
Нужно ли будет получать новый ключь или можно воспользоваться ключом полученным сразу после выхода Dorico 2?
Как-то странно, новая версия вышла а чтобы ею воспользоваться нужно ждать несколько недель. :frowning:
Или с появлением возможности активации триального периода тут, в этой ветке форума, кто-то сообщит?

I heard about activate the trial period Dorico 2?
Will I need to get a new key or can I use the key received immediately after the release of Dorico 2?
It’s strange, the new version is out, and to use it you need to wait a few weeks. :frowning:
Or with the ability to activate the trial period here in this thread, someone reported?

The trial for Dorico 2 is now available. You’ll need to request a new activation code if you received one two weeks ago (for Dorico 1).

Just to let the developers know, after downloading Dorico Pro 2 trial, on startup it said I can use it for another 1 day 59 minutes and 57 seconds. Do I need to activate the trial to set the correct number of 30 days, or am I being forced to do a 24-hour marathon to evaluate? (just joking) :laughing:

If you open your eLicenser Control Center, are there any other licenses that are being picked up? You will need to “start the usage period” of the 30 day trial.