The ultimate in narcissism??

I’ve just posted yet another cover of one of my own songs… and intend to do more…
Does that therefore mean I am becoming narcisisstic??

Cover of your own song?
Hrm how is that possible?

Just kidding here and I see the reason not to do it.
I have many songs here myself that I’d love to brush up
So on this one we are agreed.

All the best, Kim

And I mean that :smiley:

Well, what are you going to do if you can’t get anybody else to cover it?

You need a hobby. :wink: :laughing:


Defitnition: Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a condition in which people have an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupation with themselves.

Cause: Cubase


Agreed :slight_smile:

Currently working on a new version of my old song “Altered State” with my new Fender myself and it’s going to be killer :mrgreen:

All the best, Kim

Here, I keep going on and on all about me.
I haven’t given you a chance to get in a word.
So, what do YOU think of me?

Well, in a round about way they were kinda covered previously by others. While I was usually part of the “band” and handled the production etc. the songs I’m referring too are the numerous past Lounge collaborations - e.g.

  • where others here, past and present, not only sang the songs but quite often contributed to the instrumentation as well.

I’m now revisiting some of my favourites from those past collabs and look at doing my own versions of them! :sunglasses:
Well, two so far… anyway.

I don’t know what to make of you.

You seem rather preoccupied with you.

At least we have the thread focused properly now!

Man narcissism is really fun…a guy could get used to it.

:laughing: :laughing:

Girl narcissism is really fun too … a guy could get used to joining in :mrgreen:

and …

Hi, Ian.

Reiterating previous work with current resources is, I believe, a way of consolidating the process of creation which builds immediate value into the future of your next new compositions.

To me, initial composition is, itself, a kind of a ‘cover version’ of previous experience. The decision to output is a conscious validation of your own existence. That your present cover versions are in the same media and bearing similar notes and melodies shows a striving for betterment. An indication that you are not complacent with ‘yourself as you are now,’ which would be closer, imo, to the negative kind of self-reflection commonly known as narcissisism, but that you are strive to make real a you who does not yet exist.
You are also honouring your past, the heritage you gave yourself over these last years. Again, there is no complacency in the present, but a commitment to share it with the past which you thereby resurrect.

Perhaps it is even a time of taking inventory … we go to that old cupboard, bring out some of out prized ornaments and expressions. We do not just look at them. We polish them. Some, we put back, some we give pride of place to on our mantelpiece, some we deal with otherwize. We are now up to date, and ready for the next season’s flowers to blossom.

All the best
Glyn :slight_smile:

You know what they say…we never actually finish a track we just quit it. :wink:

The narcissist’s ultimatum… Pick me, me, me, me… :wink:

slow day at the office! :laughing:

You Glyn, I reckon if you picked through your posts from the last few years you’d have enough material there for lyrics to last a life time! :smiley:

Indeed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that entire post, Glyn. Good stuff! :sunglasses:

Now here’s a cool guy …

Dear Sherz,

I was just thinking about these “Hands on…” CDs, you know, the ones where a bunch of DJs give their best to ruin legendary originals with their remixes. Now “Hands on myself” is definetely a new dimension!

“Hands on myself”, uhm… my western-european education doesn`t allow me to let my imagination run free…

All I can say is, have fun with yourself :exclamation:


My western-european education doesn’t allow me to hint that he might enjoy some assistance in the masturing process.

Please to meet you :slight_smile:

Ian … Hi I had further thoughts:

We are researchers into excellence the process, and what you describe is, imo, a process of ‘Review and update own work’. It is a tool we ourselves.

Since getting a new soundcard, I am engaging in re-doing the audio books I’ve been doing these last few months. In the ‘first pressing’ of this audio olive oil, I had developed my techniques and my palette of critisism to achieve ‘Completion’ - a sense of ‘Wholeness At That Level’. What I now return to is a raw material which is necessarily leagues beyond my bery best unstructured ‘noodles’.

The learning is exponential, for it is a ‘second distillation’, there has been so much work done already, to create the original, that we now the spring board, should we choose to use it as such, for some of the highest leaps imaginable.

Best wishes