The Universe and Me

This song started acoustically many, many years ago. It became electric at another point quite awhile back too. Now, there’s a merge of both, along with fewer lyrics, a new rhythmic slant, and a new ending.
The words are inspired by the idea that, in this crazy world of ours, things can sometimes seem totally great.
That realization might occur to us at times. It’s certainly aided by being somewhat blessed in our circumstances and outlook to begin with. On top of that, we’ve got to be open to that “light bulb flashing on” at those times when such an impression might be possible.
I had a friend who’d said, near the time when this was first written and played, that it reminded him of Jefferson Airplane’s Embryonic Journey (which I’d never heard at that time). The electric part was a more conscious attempt for me to work with a vibe remotely akin to Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles. If this came close to either of those templates, I’m happy.
I started this in Cubase Pro 9.5, and finished it (finally!) today with Cubase Pro 10.
Thanks for listening, and for sharing any impressions you might have.

Love it!
The words touched me, also the voice.

From my point of view, the song deserves a better ending. was too sharp for me. Not a full rework, but probably only a better integration.
While writing it, I think it might also apply to the other 2 transitions.
Also I would prefer a bass more clear and a little bit louder during the intro.

Honestly, I envy the way you are singing.

Hi Swetch, what a great sound reminiscent of the stuff I listened to in my youth, or should I say from my dad’s youth, so I don’t date myself! I definitely hear Tomorrow Never Knows, and your friend is right, Embryonic Journey. I really like the live sound of it, like a bunch of players really enjoying what they’re doing in one room. Really liked this one.

Thanks for the listens and comments. Totally astounds me to hear my vocals praised. It’s a relief to hear that whenever I do. That’s an area of my songs that I’m never truly confident about. I always sang backups in live settings, and the occasional lead on a less nuanced song, but always deferred to other “real singers” when I could. With my one man band approach to recording these days, I’m more likely to do instrumentals!
As for the “live sound” and “players really enjoying what they’re doing in one room”, it really pleases me to hear that. If I was able to get that in this recording and composition, I’m a happy man.
As another reference for this beyond Tomorrow Never Knows and Embryonic Journey, I heard Dream All Day by the Posies for the first time in a while a day or two ago. I can hear a bit of that in my Universe too.

Really enjoyed this one. Great track, with nice vocal work and the overall vibe was very entertaining and to my ears had a distinctive Beatlesque air to it. The only thing I personally found a bit distracting was the density of the percussion elements in the opening portion of the song. But that was a minor thing. I like this one a lot.