The Video Engine crash is not fully fixed in 6.0.4


I have updated to 6.0.4 in order to test the crashing bug that this update is primarily for.

Loading up a project that without doubt crashes the video engine (which I am not using) in seconds, I note this still happens.

I am not running altiverb but I still have this problem. I only have some Fabfilter plugins running (Timeless and volcano) and Roomworks. The only vst synth I had running was the Access Virus TI VST but I confirmed this issue occurs if the Virus is not present (ie, removed from project).

Honestly, the biggest problem I have is that if the Virus VST is crashed, you have to reboot the machine to get it to load again. Nightmare.

So, perhaps this problem is occurring with the use of Fabfilter or Roomworks plugins also have problems with the video engine.

I have found a “solution” to my problem in that if I load a project that crashes on load, I can then reload cubase and continue to use it without issues. Not ideal, but at least I can make music, again.

Could you please help SB (and other users experiencing ‘video-engine’ issues), by submitting your problem project to them for analysis…? Chances are of course it won’t repro on their systems. But this in itself may give you food for thought about troubleshooting your own system more thoroughly. Maybe.

There again, it could prove invaluable in uncovering some fault/solution, that will benefit all. :wink:

Just a thought.


PS:- I don’t fully understand your last paragraph.

Cubase has crashed or, the project is corrupt (crashed) and cubase is still up and running…? Whereby you can simply reload (relaunch) that project…? A different one…? And continue working…?
Or, after cubase has crashed (taken out to desktop), you can relaunch it (without any system reboot) and continue working - on what…? That ‘problem’ project, or another fresh project…? Existing, or from a template…? And you say the system remains stable after this, i.e. continue working without crashes… Thats interesting; it suggests the video-engine process has ‘stopped’ (not loaded on the relaunch…?) and you work on, problem free…!

I’m still at 6.0.2 - and happy, with it all being pretty rock-solid. Didn’t like what I read about 6.0.3 so skipped that. Not looking at updating anything for a while yet…