The video markers appreciation thread


I like to work in Dorico, because it lets you give the music score priority. So it is with markers. Scroll the attached video, create a marker at a position, move the marker so that it snaps at the beginning of a measure or beat.

I’ve been working with Logic, and this was a mess, or at least it was for me. Here, video and score can talk the one the other.


To be fair I think Cubase & Nuendo have more sophisticated marker capabilities**, but otherwise I completely agree that I too greatly prefer giving the music score priority. Composing in the DAW as is commonly done leads to the following patterns I think

  • Overuse of ostinato
  • Chordal writing
  • Lack of good themes
  • Low experimentation

At least I see these and other patterns used over and over ad nauseam. Writing to score allows you to take a step back and work at an abstract level, and to see your piece as a whole and try innovative things, because you’re not making sounds you’re making notes.

** And the beat adherance is a bit of a problem actually, such as when you’re timing a hit to a event in the clip which is frame based on musically based. Also I don’t understand how markers are supposed to work here, I set one, them moved it but it kept the same time code? Maybe that’s the idea, you can set to a frame but then musically move it? OK yeah getting your point now, that is different.

Yes, I suppose the idea is to keep the marker always fixed to the video frame. When you move it in the score, the latest tempo value is changed, to make the marker exactly match the bar or beat. If you need the end of a ‘braaam’ at a particular point, you can therefore make it match the beginning of a bar or a precise beat.

You can manually adjust the position of markers in time by editing the timecode in the side panel. This is great to finely adjust the position you have entered while scrolling the video. You can find help in the Rewind and Fast Forward key commands, letting you go around the marker point.


Oh I see now about the tempo - yes that is clever! The Dorico team must have worked with some film composers to come up with that. I write to film less than free writing but I get the point, this does the aritmatic for you to align non metrical markers with metrical time. In a DAW you have to do that mentally. Bravo!

Something I would appreciate in the Markers panel: let the columns be resized. Most of the time what I want to see is the name of the markers in the list, and not their timestamp. This latter is now embedded in the marker, and will likely no longer edited. The list of names is, instead, the core function of this feature.