The volume of the compressed and uncompressed file

  1. Why is a compressed stereo file quieter than an uncompressed file saved on the Performer side? If you adjust the recording volume based on stereo recording, the uncompressed recording recorded on the Performer’s computer is often distorted, too loud. How to level the two?
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  2. The other question is, why can’t I hear the Reverb set in Performer in VST Connect Pro/Nuendo? (monitor reverb)

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  1. The 2 files ‘should’ be the same volume ? are you recording mono on the studio side ? I don’t see how one could be distorted and the one not ?

  2. The reverb in Performer is local to the performer ONLY - personally I’d like to see some improvements to the way FX are monitored. If you need to hear reverb you could use the inserts in the performer app ? Obviously reverb would be recorded. As you are using “pro” you could set up multiple recording buses on the performer and record DRY on the performer end whilst monitoring WET on the stereo ‘compressed’ feed back to nuendo/cubase (if that makes sense ?)

The received stereo mix depends on what you set in the “Record” section of the plugin. Pan law is -3 dB, so you may acheive different results for instance panning hard left/right.
Reverb and compressor are local to the Performer for a better listening experience.
Either the dry signal, or performer Insert Fx can be recorded on the Studio side by engaging the according “Fx” button in said record section.

Thank you very much for the answers!