The VST Multipaner only works in Bed mode, even as the source of an Object

I continue my questions (I am learning Dolby Atmos).

  1. I have a 5-channel audio file on track 7.1.4
  2. In the track’s VST Multipaner, I’ve created a movement by automations (these are birds flying overhead, so I need my 4 overhead monitors in addition to the rest).
  3. The runway is directed to a Group 7.1.4
  4. This group is the source of an Object in the ADM Creation window for Dolby Atmos.
  5. But the VST Multipaner, curiously, doesn’t give any sound if it’s in Object mode. It has to be in Bed mode for me to hear anything.

Everything works in practice, but I don’t understand this point. The VST Multipaner should act in object mode, since we’re in an object, right?

I’m afraid that’s an indication of a possible error that will be reflected in the ADM.

As far as I understand it, if you send a finished 7.1.4 sub mix to the renderer, this should be in bed mode.

A bed never exceeds 7.1.2. On the other hand, any track, regardless of its number of channels, can be used as an object. The renderer offers both, of course. Or I misunderstand your answer.

For your information, here’s the link to the same thread on Dolby Labs, where Adam was able to reply (at the end of the thread).

Dolby labs

Did you check the SEND in the track in question? I have found whenever my object tracks are silent, it is usually because the send to the 7.1.4 Master Bus is off or bypassed…

Yes. When you switch to the Bed world in the VSL Multipanner (in a context with 2 sources: one by Routing, one by Send), the Send, which is linked to the Object after the Renderer, automatically picks up. I imagine there’s a reason for this, like a double signal to be avoided.

So, did you get the sound back or not after checking it or was it still active after checking?

Always active. From one to the other.