The Wangcaster Guitar ... has big...


That is nuts.

yeah… more like "wank"caster :slight_smile: … ok W… ank caster turned into “blankcaster” :slight_smile:

Version 2:

He has made quite a few others that have a little more taste:

But seriously, there are a bunch here:

A lot more here:

I thought most guitars were wang extensions! :laughing: Like motorcycles and pit-bulls! :wink:

I love the eagle guitar, that is smoking hot.

Bet the prices are up there too…

I went to a show of custom guitars in San Fran a few years ago. I have no idea what these cost … but the ones at the show (or at least the good ones) started at about 15K … someone had a double neck with a set of murmaids for 115k. It was inlaid with pearl and abalone. There was a dragon one for 30 or 40k or so.

They look awesome, but I’d rather pay $1k for one I can play all the time :laughing:

Yeah, a fella might want to get a hold of a doctor if that was the case :slight_smile: .

I like the knobs placement on the eagle guitar, I keep accidentally hitting the volume control on my strat style guitar.


I know that problem well. I primarily play strat and I hit the volume knob with the base of my hand below the pinky all the time. You’d think after nearly 40 years I’d quit. Alas, not.

Although, I would add … it is in a perfect spot for rapid volume swell playing and still keeping the pick in picking position.