The Wise

Hey there,
I’m nearing the end of an ongoing album first started in one of the various lockdowns where I live. Things seem to be getting more downtempo and introspective as I go. This track borrows some elements from trip hop and something else. Some bus limiting but otherwise unmastered.

Comments appreciated as always.


Love it!
Could you tell me more about the sax / brass section?
I Will listen again with headphones as i went with my mobile.

Thanks mate. All winds are either sampled or cut up and resequenced. No MIDI. Trying to not use any MIDI on this project.

Thx for replying. Excellent

A cool track with strong atmosphere. Works really good.

Wow - love this!

Hey, truly enjoying this. Really like it! Are any of the tracks not samples? Also, just wondering, if you’re not using MIDI for winds and such, what’s the advantage? Wouldn’t MIDI just be a useful tool in such a case?

Nice collage of sounds and grooves, well done!


My day keeps getting better. How I missed listening to the work so many here are producing.

All the best