The World

The World

Contemporary Classical track for Soprano, strings, beats, FX and recorder. Sets to music the Metaphysical poem ‘The World’ by Henry Vaughan
Vocals: Kirsten Morrison
Violin: Xenia Deviatkina-Loh
Cello: Katt Newlon

Wow…very Mahleresque and eclectic with maybe a touch of Hans Rott and quite compelling, couple of iffy notes which I think is unacceptable in this genre of singing, it’s worth putting them right…

best, Kevin

yeh excellent i think the notes what Kevin referred to as iffy were intentional .if you weren`t using any digital trickery this was brilliant singing and you have probably got perfect pitch to sing like that so go to the top of the class smarty pants,it does sound different at times but i think that is great . it reminds me of an Asian dub type thing but done with European type instruments , great, very refreshing . P.S .if they were iffy notes i take that all back. :laughing:

Good to get some feedback. Cheers

It’s atonal so does sound a bit iffy at points, but these are intentional

I do agree that there are one or two notes that are microtones out - but i am grateful to my singer who came back a few times to get it the best she could. It’s a bugger of a melody to sing. I like to work my singers hard…

gotta remember in future ,if I do an iffy note…it’s not out of tune, it’s atonal :sunglasses:

but much respect for such awesome singing :slight_smile:


I meant it could have given the impression of being out of tune as it often goes to a note that is a semitone away from where the ear is expecting it to go

The notes that are iffy are just plain out of tune! But to my ear ( and i’m a string player so am not bad on tuning ) there are only a couple of notes that are microtones off the centre of the note.
But please do tell which words sound out of tune to you and i will have another listen - appreciate the constructive advice


or Jazz :sunglasses:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hi Violet, you clearly know much more about the technical aspect of music than I ever will so I’m happy to stand corrected, If you say it’s atonal…then It’s atonal and I’m grateful to have learnt another word :smiley:

best, Kevin

Well i have learnt about Hans Rott Shadowfax!

yeah…Mahler gets the glory but he was heavily influenced by Mr Rott who seems to have been mostly forgotten…pity.