The worst color management I've ever seen, the least natural

Drums are blue! Bass is green! FX returns are purple! Groups are orange! :rofl: I guess we all have our usual colors!

Thanks for the idea. I guess it’s a workaround, but doesn’t really have the same clarity for me - when you have your look you just want to be able to transfer it every time you update, which is what the profile is supposed to do. It was one of those things that worked perfectly and changed for no good reason that I can see.

Obviously, judging by the other ways people in this thread have been affected by the chaotic colour management in cubase, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I think maybe Steinberg just underestimates how important colour is in providing instant visual feedback when you’re working, and how important it is in organising layouts and arrangements in the various windows. It would be great if they targeted this for a major rethink.

Exactly that. I support you 100%. How do we get Steinberg to hear us?

Oh I think they ARE listening, but it’s a matter of how many things they can do simultaneously within a given timeframe.

(And I agree that color is important. Another thing that I would appreciate is if they checked how automation lines’ colors work because some times they don’t quite really stand out with some color combinations, and by extension ensuring general readability of data in both dark and light user color schemes is always guaranteed. Allowing even lighter user schemes is just a personal preference of mine, but it’s so trivial that I don’t really care either way. But automation data, I would really appreciate that improvement.)

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Hi @Ted_Perlman2

I think this video beautifully demonstrates the different pitfalls when trying to color multiple tracks.


  • make sure no events are selected
  • use the Select Color for Selected Tracks or Events tool, not the one in the inspector. Colorizing Selected Tracks

That’s the way it USED to work. But I’ve been complaining for four versions because it doesn’t ALWAYS work. SOMETIMES I highlight multiple tracks and select the color I want and…NOTHING happens. SOMETIMES it works properly like in this video. If it ALWAYS worked like that I wouldn’t be writing multiple posts about the SAME THING . Oy vey.

Are you talking about what the author is demonstrating here, at

When it doesn’t work, is it possible that even though you have tracks selected, there is also a part selected, thus coloring only the part, and not the tracks?

But you can use presets. Save them, recall them. See this post

Thank you - But saving individual color schemes as presets doesn’t even work as a workaround.
Because if you change something in your basic settings, you have to apply this change for each color preset. And that for several computers in the studio. There is no getting around a clean import of color schemes.

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I’m not clear on what you mean exactly.

But you can save a group of color settings, and if you change something in one of those, you can save the same group of settings again.

Also, you can use Profiles to pass the settings on to different computers.

This does not work for the color palette. The 32 colors from the palette cannot be saved with this method. In this way you only save the basic colors of Nuendo - but not the color palette.
I think we’re talking about importing this color palette with 16, 24 or 32 colors. The man from the video created a color project for this, which he saves as also as “default”.

Thanks @THambrecht for being specific.

It looks like the FR here is for being able to name presets for the color palette, which does make sense.

The best thing for to do, as everyone certainly knows, is to post a single request with a descriptive title and tag, so when dev team members browse the forum they can see it without reading gobs of text. Also opening a support ticket if you’re in a location where that is provided is a good idea.

In regard to changing track and part colors, and colorizing the mixer, and all the rest it would appear that all works okay.

If there are people who feel something is broken, a bug reproduction sequence would go a long way to revealing (or ruling out) the issue, as described in the Steinberg Support post: How to format a bug report

You’re right, Steve. As for the bug, yesterday, here, the Ctrl-click on the header didn’t work in the editor (but it did work in the Mixconsole with the corresponding function, on the same tracks). Then this morning, it worked everywhere. All without alcohol or drugs…-:). There’s some kind of bug. But it takes a long time to find the sequence. I can’t see anything conclusive. I’ll try to write to support as soon as I have time.

I don’t understand what exact function you refer to – ctrl-click doesn’t bring up a color list in the editors, as far as I know, and the mixconsole doesn’t use ctrl-click for this either, instead there’s the little arrow to the right of the track name. I might be missing something, but are you talking about something else?


Clearly, more is needed. Or less!!

Must be the translation. Ctrl-click, left on the track header in the editor (the main window), opens a color palette.

In the mixconsole, that’s what you say (I wrote: equivalent function, so arrow, etc.).



Not a translation problem.

ctrl-click to change colors, and clicking on the arrow in the mixconsole to change colors are not the same function for purposes of bug reporting.

So this problem is that sometimes ctrl-click doesn’t work on the track headers?

That’s it.

Great to know. But only but two people have said they see this happening, and others who have tried to make it happen have been unsuccessful in doing so.

So a bug reproduction sequence would go a long way to revealing (or ruling out) the issue, as described in the Steinberg Support post: How to format a bug report

As soon as possible.

On a Mac here, which means shift-click in the track header to get the color palette.

I’ve often had trouble getting the palette from the track headers at default size, mainly because the active area for that function is so small that I tend to accidentally hit the arrow that opens up the edit lanes. I’d say my chances of getting the palette are less than 50/50 (if lucky) at default size. Enlarging the track makes for a bigger target and more consistency.

I wouldn’t call it a bug as much as an architectural detail worth looking at. In any case, it’s annoying, and I’ve wondered since the first appearance of this thread if what I’ve experienced may have been the root of the issue.


No, that’s not it for me here. Even on enlarged tracks, when the bug is there (intermittently), the palette opens, you click on a color and it doesn’t change a thing.