The Xtouch Wavelap Pro 10 Thread

I am hoping for advice and wishing to share advice on using the X Touch to control Wavelab pro 10.

My main interest with Wavelap is for stereo editing not the montage. Although I do use that. I have been a Wavelab user since version 1.
I love the program, it is simply the best in my view. I was an early believer when others said Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge was the industry standard. I always said Wavelab was better. Congratulations to Philp for creating it and filling a huge hole by porting it to the Mac. Anyway I digress.

Firstly there are two dialogue pages for setting up the remote device, controller.

The ‘Remote Device’ page allows certain settings to be easily learnt (much easier than with Logic Pro in my opinion) but there are not that many entries.
Better than my previous experience with Cubase Pro though.

I have so far failed to get the master fader assigned to my X-touch master fader. It worked to start with but then the physical fader would go back to zero by it’s self and leave Wavelab master fader where it was. That’s the first thing I would like to achieve.
There is a choice of settings that I don’t understand for what type of control it is that you are trying to adjust, eg continuous controller or otherwise but it is pretty cryptic and the manual has no info.

I have got the transport buttons working. But not the scrub.

There is also a ‘Shortcuts’ page where you can assign midi commands alongside the shortcut functions.
This has more options and works well… I have assigned quick fade and drop marker, cycle/loop and a few other things to the F buttons on the x touch here.
BUT I have not worked out ow to assign movable controls.
For instance i would like to use the X Touch faders for zoom in and out horizontally and vertically …
Scrub with audio …

I would like to hear your success stories and also have this page as a resource.

cheers Jimmy

Sorry to say I have NEVER had any luck with setting up a controller to use with WL. I have had various controllers from a Presonus Fader Port to a Mackie Controller that worked well in other DAWs but did not work well for WL. Best of luck! ( I never used the Xtouch just for your info)


I have now managed to get scroll working at 3 different speeds by clicking one of the Shift / Control / Alt keys.
Global View on my X Touch now = Full Screen View.
The centre Zoom cluster button now bypasses all master section plugins.
Cycle key works.
Marker Key Works.
Fader Bank Arrows move between Markers.
Channel Arrows move between clips in the montage.

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