Theme in Cubase


Is there possible to set up the Theme ( I dont mean Color or pastel color ) in CUBASE 10.5 or is there possible to add some 3rd one ?
What are the possibilities to change the DAW view ?

Thank you

What would be the point of this? Cubase is not a game, you can get score but no winner. Or maybe, the is your toplist.
Doing a official documentation of the resources in cubase would be a big effort. And it will be a big problem to change things, and when changing there will be complains about the third parties resources does not work. However there are a lot of resources in the installation of cubase. Have you tried to edit them? Maybe it is a fun hack, but what do you gain?

Thank you for your comment.
Please, try to imagine the things instead of attacks with billboards…, lets take we are speaking about possibilities and try to think, that we are not here to attack each other in the way, who is winner and who is not. Please, be serious. Thank you. This nice piece of software does not need any defender such as your post. There is nothing more to be commented.

Please, let me know, if its interrested for you. It is not most important thing, there are lot of more important…
I forget that it is related “only to view” :slight_smile:

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I dont see any connection. Change gui is always a possibility, but adding features like theme’s is something very different.
Cubase GUI is way to slow. Using a 3D redering engine might improve that. Primary focus for gui should be performance. Today everyone as 60Hz display. Mixer view on cubase is maybe 10Hz. PC gamers using 240Hz. High-end phones has 120Hz.
And when cubase gui starts to lag, midi also start to lag. (actually, that is something really important to fix).

Absolutely Agree with you. This is something more and most important and we all hope, that these lags stops definitely and not happen anymore.
So, when you guys read this, please, take more care about the stability and lags, which is something really important to fix, which we All agree is the top priority

cubace, as I feel in this the same way, I have been created new topic for this here
so you can put your posts related to the lags there

Nothing changed in view can never be the equal to the performance, fresh quick work in this nice piece of sw !

Thanks. I doubt it helps, there are many threads about performance. And I think it is a issue more than a feature request.